We lose one at last!

By • on August 5, 2012


A thing of beauty

One of the things that concerned me about our success rate was that people might take it for granted.

Well, not any more. On Tuesday night we lost our first case.

To be honest, I thought we would lose when I took the case on. I just couldn’t resist going down fightingfor the residents getting shoved around in their own neighbourhood.

The immediate neighbourhood

On Tuesday night, Sunderland got 15,000 square feet of solid mosque foisted on them. Don’t worry, the Council said, most of that floorspace will never get used. And the fact that the mosque outfit are adding a second floor and 15 toilets (more than a multiplex cinema) is coincidence.

The site already has two mosques very close by, one of them has been operating unlawfully for at least 7 years, with the full knowledge of the Council, despite two planning refusals, and an enforcement notice.

So why did we lose?

I was called in at the last moment. Residents had got up quite a campaign, and assumed that the Council would listen fairly to their concerns.

That was a mistake.

The other mistake they made was to get people to submit objections in the form of signed, pro-forma letters summarising their fears.

This tactic, along with petitions, gives Councils the opportunity ignore the objectors as a bunch of ignorant pie-eaters who won’t write a proper letter on their own. And Councils are only too happy to take the opportunity. Mosque Applicants nearly always accompany their applications with signed photocopy letters, and I have never seen a Planning Officer’s report discount the “letters in support” for that reason. But they will do so if the objectors try this tactic.

This was unfair, because there was no denying the strength and sincerity of feeling against this mosque. And there were over 1,000 (one thousand) objection letters.

It was dismal watching Councillors, who would never risk a prolonged experience of Islamic enrichment, lecture the people who have to put up with it every day. How Islam is a beautiful religion of peace. How beautiful the Dome of the Rock is. How, if only they could drop their prejudice they would soon find out how lucky they were to have the mosque in their midst.

And tough: they were going to get a mosque in their street like it or lump it. Lawful or unlawful, it would happen, so suck it up. I somehow doubted the Council would have such an elastic approach to the law about an unlawful massage parlour or an illegal Hell’s Angel chapter house.

The Councillors felt no fear from these objectors: they weren’t going to derail the PC gravy train, and these working class neighbours, mostly retired and elderly, could be ignored.

The future

Residents will pay for this planning permission in tears during the years to come. The situation has progressed long past stage 1 – the parking jihad stage. And beyond stage 2 – the “F-off, this is our area now” stage. It has now progressed to stage 3, the “You really should sell to us” stage.

Pensioners in this area report men knocking on their door, with a few twenties and fifties in a plastic bag, suggesting it might be in their interests to sell up. This was reported in terms to the Council, but might as well not have been.

Stage 4 is not pretty. But it forms an effective pincer movement when combined with the squeamish police response that “We have no reason to suspect that a racial element to this crime madam”.

This is the stage at which the proudest residents give up the fight and go. I don’t know how long that will be. But my heart goes out to the bewildered residents who are going to suffer it, and who can’t understand why their Council didn’t to the right thing in the end. They are going to learn a lot about the sharp end of dysfunctional modern politics over the years that follow.

I’m not sorry we took the case on, even though we lost. These residents are the quiet poor who get the short end of the stick most of their lives, and taken it with gentle dignity. We gave them a chance, but I wish I could have won it for them. And how I wish we had been called in at the start.

We’re probably going to get harder in this respect, and only take on cases that we can guide from the start. Elementary mistakes are easy to make, hard to undo, and a gift to Councils who fear the derailment of their PC gravy train.

Sorry people, but you’re going to have to call us earlier in future!

Finally, the Council will regret this decision. The clash between Islamic law and state law is only going to grow, and Local Authorities will not be able to ride two horses for much longer. I don’t know if they will be held to account for this particular decision, but I think that they will. They will find that bending to unlawful activity is a long and unpleasant ride that they can’t get off when it ceases to suit them.



By Tim Burton on August 7th, 2012 at 7:58 am

To Abc123, 7/8/12 03:53 – Individual Muslims are not the problem. The encroachment of Islam on the British way of life is the problem. Mosques – ALL mosques – facilitate this encroachment. The goal should be to not just to ban a handful of mosques, but to ban the building of ANY new mosque (or Islamic “community centre”) and the destruction / demolition of all existing mosques on the grounds that they are breeding fascism, intolerance, Anti-Christian and anti-Semitic persecution.

By Tommy on August 13th, 2012 at 7:20 am

Islam ceased to be a religion when muhammad left Mecca for Medina
Tim has hit the nail on the head


By Hereford Infidel on August 21st, 2012 at 11:07 am

Tim you are correct. Individual Muslims are not the problem but the culture of Islam is the problem.

By Michael Leni on August 26th, 2012 at 10:58 am

You are absolutely right. I is either us or them. A mosque is cancer cell where Muslim can grow their war hate as stated in the Quran order, against the west.

One mosque is one too many

Your work is very important, so don’t give up and and many others will join eventually because this Muslim war against us will become more and more visible as they achieve more and more and if it s not to late already.

They who have knowledge about the fascist and nazism ideology of Islam will know this.

Some information:

Important links:

Important twitter members:

It is death sentence for leaving islam:

Taqiyya (lying,deceiving,illusion) Islam’s most important ideological wartool:

end much more.

Also See:

By Tommo on September 4th, 2012 at 8:25 am

I don’t understand previous comments ‘…individual Muslims are not the problem’

Individual Muslims surely are the problem. Why are they here? If individual Muslims weren’t here there would be no mosques in the first place.

‘A mosque is cancer cell where muslim can grow their war hate as stated in the Quran’ Yes, a place where individual Muslims can combine to propagate their hate as instructed to do so. There is no such thing as individuality in Islam neither are there any ‘moderate’ Muslims. A Muslim either believes in the dictates in the Qur’an or he doesn’t – in which case he is an apostate and faces the penalty ie death.

By Humza on October 4th, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Fighting a losing battle

By Nill on October 8th, 2012 at 1:31 pm

Ur choise if being ignorant on the face of truth is amazing!! Wats with ol the hate..y dnt attack temples,churches,other worshiping places equaly?? U claim so much about islam n muslims yet u realy have no idea what its about!!! Maybe u breed hatred in ur places of worship n think we do same..dead wrong!! A mosque is nothing but a place of serenity,peace n tranquility.wer u ask god to guide,forgive n protect ppl..without worshippers its just an empty hall!! We muslims dnt need mosques to pray,i can stand tall anywhere n pray streets,parks,office buildings,shops,malls maybe u should look into stopping construction of ol these too!! Ur the extremists n terrorists in this case!

By Phil Pike on October 17th, 2012 at 11:19 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gavin for his representation and I myself and many residents of Millfied have continued and are continuing with the fight in his place. I am no solicitor or law man but an impassioned resident who spoke at the meeting Gavin Attended, We as a community have got the Ombudsman involved even before I myself attend a 2nd stage complaints meeting today with the council. I am not as the residents are not opposed due to racial hatred of Muslims as I served the United Nations in Bosnia in the 1990’s and protected Muslims from being ethnically cleansed by Serb Croats, We are opposed to this Mosque as it is just in the wrong place, The Muslim Community were offered 9 other suitable places to relocate from their illegal Mosque but with help from in my opinion a corrupt council found the most unsuitable site for the whole of Millfield and Sunderland but the best possible Place for the Muslim Community.

By Ann on October 18th, 2012 at 2:36 am

This makes me so sad for the residents.. They are doing the same thing in North America. Mosques are popping up all over the place, even in Canada’s North West Territories. Look up Sheepshead Bay New York. These people have been fighting a mosque being built in their middle of their quiet residential neighbourhood. The mosque builders do not respect nor care about their wishes.

By David Eppel on November 22nd, 2012 at 9:51 am

A few years ago the local ‘mosque’ tried to demolish the listed building they had been given at a knock down price-in order to build a monstrosity overlooking the royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. Un frikkin believable-would the islamist dictator states allow a violent cult to build a giant construction next to one of their military facilities?
I have challenged the charity commission (with glib ignorant responses) and that fat oaf Eric Pickles on the matter of charitable status for religions.
Charitable status is given to organisations that exist for the ‘public good’. Clearly mosques serve only a violent oppressive cult whose countries of origin demonstrate their peaceful attitudes as the murders continue apace in every islamic state,and women and children live in terror. See http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/.
We all need to challenge the charitable status and get the status of religion relegated to that of a self serving cult.
That idiot phony Blair told us to be ‘mutlicultural’.
If funding the Taliban is multicultural then congratulations to Tony Blair.
If terrifying our older folk is ‘multiculturalism’ again a doff of the hat.
If brutalising childrens minds with filthy lies and misogyny is multiculturalism-again well done Blair-isn’t he the best ever middle east peace envoy?
We have been sold a cancer and been told it is a vitamin.

By Michael on November 22nd, 2012 at 11:05 am

Individual muslims ARE indeed the problem ! As in Italian fascism during the war, the maxim is that the many individuals band together to become the one; as in, one twig can be broken but many twigs placed together cannot be broken. The other point I would raise is this; the white Anglo Saxon females one sees these days, obvious proponents of the cult, who wear the scarf and/or hijab, are either fully paid-up knowledgeable members or have been recruited in all innocence and have no idea of what lies behind the veil. Either way, they are the misguided “innocent” face of the cult and communicate to other innocents, including those lost or abused in society, that this is a safe and supportive organization to join. It is all very worrying.

By Wendy on December 25th, 2012 at 11:59 am

I agree with Michael. ‘Individual moslems are indeed a problem’, to any disadvantaged nonbeliever. I have experienced alot of nastiness from indiviudal moslems and it is even worst if one have to depend on them for anything. Blair certainly have been misled. I agree with David too. One should not blindly accept an alien culture or their alien idols.

By TN on December 27th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

I have nearly ten years exposure to living in a Muslim society in the East (I am not a Muslim). It was like stepping back to 100 A.D. Mohammed. I learned first hand how truly evil, primitive and dangerous the followers of Mohammed are. Doesn’t mean there are no good Muslims. Of course there are. But indoctrination is extremely dangerous, and no one with even half wisdom would play around with it and take the chance to bring in indoctrinated people to a democratic and free society. No one is that stupid. Or so I thought…

When I moved to the UK I nearly had a heart attack to see how many Muslims had been allowed to enter. It was unreal. I almost vomited when I saw the first woman with a burka pass me by on the street, the Muslim beggars with burkas on Oxford Street at night. This reaction came because I had seen so much cruelty from Muslims and I always thought the West was free from it. But it has imported an extreme evil without any resistance, common sense or reasoning.

Understand that these people are brought up with NO REGARD for human life. They don’t mind murdering their own friends, relatives, children. Their temper is completely unpredictable. They feel no remorse, no sorrow. The U.S. military gave an account how Taliban members looked to recruit new members, and approached families with young boys. They grabbed and cooked the child, serving it to his own parents to watch their reaction and find the right people with the stomach to be a Talibani. That is a core quality of the Muslim mind, although an extreme example. They harbor a constant payback ideology, except their endless aggression and desire for revenge is imaginary and a fantasy enemy they create for themselves, all the time, day after day. You can sit with them and be the recipient of enormous generosity and suddenly, without warning, they want to take “revenge” on you without any provocation.

Muslims are not a normal immigrant group due to the Islamic ideology. It is a true disease. Always have been, always will be. Political leaders throughout history have denounced the evils of Islam as the most dangerous and corrupted creed on earth. They battled with far bigger problems than our current weak and poor leadership. For some reason, no one listens to the wisdom of the great leaders of the past. Nothing has changed. We have more electrical object to use, but the Muslim ideology has not changed or improved. The religion doesn’t allow Muslims to be a friend to the rest of the world. It opposes and resists democracy and individual freedom and forces itself on others, with violence if it has to. It is an eternal war that they will always fight, to gain control and supremacy over others – and especially over non-Muslims.

Muslims MUST be deported from Europe and asylum applications banned from a national security perspective. This is vital or we will face the same slaughters that became a reality to the Christian crusaders, who rode out to sacrifice their own lives to save their countries from Muslim aggression and violence.

By TN on December 27th, 2012 at 1:50 pm

BTW the UK desperately needs a policy that ban and block all and any Arab funding into the country, whether it originates direct from Arabia or is transferred between accounts in Europe. Arabs are the ones who are pouring money into mosques being built all over Europe. But this money is connected to hideous aims.

This is what they do:

1. They search for small Muslim communities in countries they target who already are active and run some form of small organization or mosque of their own. They then approach them.

2. They offer funding, up to millions of pounds, to these complete strangers if they build a mosque and open organizations and centers to provide “guidance” to Muslims, help them, and keep Muslim “culture” alive (do you think a stranger would offer you millions of pounds with no motive?).
But this is merely an excuse.
They cajole and encourage these small groups to apply for planning permission and if they have been in the area for while they become excellent tools for clearance without legal problems. Should a planning permission be rejected, the Arab benefactors suddenly vanish for some reason, never to be heard from again…

3. If a planning permission is approved, this is what happens:

After a few years they come back and now offer millions of pounds once again to the imam or the board in payback if the mosque is handed over to total long-distance outsourced Saudi “supervision” (control). This Saudi supervision means that the Saudi’s take over all teaching materials and decisions of the mosque and focus on the wahhabi/salafi ideology – the most extreme of Islamic ideologies and the same on which terrorists are fed and indoctrinated with. All of this is done very quietly and outside of public knowledge or views and since the real supervisors are acting all the way from Saudi Arabia, he is not only invisible in the UK but the is also far outside legal reach and any UK legal jurisdiction. The local community is basically being used as a tool for Saudi control.

4. Once the leadership is changed, they began extreme hate teachings. They forbid the Muslims to integrate or associate with non-Muslims (sound familiar?) so they can reach them better and have an impact on them. They then begin with children and youth, encouraging them to hate Jews and Christians, to know that their duty is to kill kafirs (when the time is right) and this pleases Allah.
The eternal goal to exterminate all Jews, no matter where they are, is the main goal.
The other goal is to support the Arab “spring” which is actually the underground effort lead by the Muslim Brotherhood, funded by Arabia and Iran, to overthrow leaders across the Arab world. The purpose is to bring the entire region under one singular Caliphate, which will then rule as one powerful body – and begin to push their way into other countries.

These plans are taking place in mosques not only all across Britain but all across Europe. And there is evidence for it. There is evidence in court documents that were part of an exhibit in a U.S. court case, unearthed from security raids. And there is recent evidence reported in Scandinavia that this is happening with new planning applications for almost each mosque. The problem is the Scandinavians have no clue why Arabs are funding all these mosques although some local Muslims have warned them that something “bad” is behind it, and are granting permission to any and all projects.

By Mo on January 13th, 2013 at 11:08 pm

What a hateful site you run.

At my mosque in Bolton all are Welcome, Jews, Homosexual and Women of any colour, creed or assignment.

Want to visit the nearest to mosque to you, just phone them and ask!

Dont live in Fear, Uncertainty an Doubt. Live and Let live.

See you at out Mosque soon.


By MullusPakitus on January 14th, 2013 at 10:01 am

Islam is the most insidious virus and the lab producing it is in Saudi Arabia. That kingdom exports books, not arms and explosives. These books are used to brainwash kids and adults into beliefs of intolerance and exclusivity. Additionally, the holy duty of converting all of us kuffar to following Allah is impressed upon them.

– I have personally heard Imams asking muslims to marry girls from hindu, sikh and christian families and converting them.

-I have heard first hand that no non muslim should be greeted by “asslam walaikum’ (peace be upon you) since a muslim can only wish peace for a muslim not a kuffar

– Even muslims who privately disagree with islamic tenets dare not speak out for fear of violence (even in the west)

– MohaMad created a perfect prison where the prisoners are the guards

I wonder why the world cant wake up and see this cult for what it is? This is Nazis X 10…. when the world fought such a cult last, 60 million lives were lost which was 2.5% of the population at that time.

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