Interview: Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths

By • on October 16, 2012

Our motto is “We win”. So it’s appropriate that, amid the bad news, we get a bit more good news: an online interview series with 20 people who are explaining Islam and the politically correct West.

Every third week of the September, October, November and December, five interviews will be presented, one a night from Monday to Friday.

The October series started on October 15 and is called: “Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths – Understanding Islam, Understanding the West.” The 5 interviewees are:

Monday, Oct 15: Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. Probably the best known explainer of Islam to a credulous west.

Tuesday, Oct 16: Valerie Price, of Act for Canada, a very interesting lady: counter-jihadi, and one of the stars of Beauty and the Breast.

Wednesday, Oct 17: Gavin Boby, the English mosque blocker from Law and Freedom, who helps local neighbourhoods resist planning applications for mosques. So far they’ve won 14 of the 15 cases.

Thursday, Oct 18: Aruna Papp, who has been helping women escape from honor-based violence for 20 years.

On Friday, Oct 19: Vince Lombardi, the counter-jihadi, who became instrumental in Elsa’s own understanding, especially with her blogging after the Danish cartoon jihad.

In September, the interviewees were Pamela Geller, Mark Durie, Raheel Raza, Fred Litwin and Bill Warner.

Here’s the link to register to hear the interviews for free:

We’re often smeared as racists and Islamophobes. Rather than swallow toe the line, Elsa decided to find out we’re really like, by interviewing us. How did we get into this? What did we do before that may have motivated us to stand up? How do we keep going? Does the abuse bother us?

Check out the series here:


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