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Although Australia is 10-15 years behind the islamisation of Britain and Europe, it is ahead in terms of its response to this dire problem.

It’s main, and certainly its most coherent, response is the Q Society. A secular, grassroots Australian organisation, incorporated in 2010 with the task of “informing, emboldening and engaging” Australian citizens, and of building a network of citizen lobbyists and activists, to bring pressure to bear on politicians, key administrators and companies.

The commitment and professionalism of the Q Society were the first thing that I discovered when I hit the ground in Perth. These people mean business. How I wish we had had a Q Society in England 10-15 years ago: how I wish we had a Q Society in England now. With these people there is none of the hot air and hollow promises which can often accompany activism.

The other thing was the Australian hospitality. This was the hardest part of my speaking tour! And not just their kindness in flying me over. Steer clear of Australia if a warm welcome makes you feel awkward!

It is a shame to see such a big warm paradise as Australia get Islamised. It is absurd in itself, because it would be hard to think of somewhere that Islam belongs less. Because such a naturally beautiful environment has so much to lose to the sewer of Islamic doctrine. And because the depredations of eyesores like the Lakemba mosque, and the Camden mosque – whose leading Iights want to rename the town “Islamden” – are offensive to decency.

But the people of Australia are facing the task. And their numbers are growing fast.

This growth is aided by the strategically inept (as with all sociopathic things) sense of leadership of Australia’s muslims. No sooner had I arrived than there were:

  • A full blown Islamic riot in Hyde Park, Sydney, with riot policemen knocked unconscious on camera and having to be dragged out by their colleagues. And over excitable beardy-weirdy characters shouting to camera:

Obama! Obama!

We love Osama!

Remember that if you ever feel in the mood to try a bit more appeasement with muslims.

  • The next day, reports of a full blown terror raid at a mosque outfit in Melbourne. The usual excuses about cultural misunderstanding were trotted out, and they had as much effect as a cow on a crutch with your average Aussie battler.
  • A couple of days later, the first arrests on a female genital mutilation charge in Australia. This puts them a decade ahead of us Brits, who have had legislation to deal with the problem for 14 years, and have yet to make an arrest let alone charge anyone.

So people were more than usually keen to listen to what I had to say. The big questions being: “What’s coming our way?”, and “Are we gonna end up like you Brits?”

And my answer? “Of course you are!” But you’ll have to watch the video below to see why! Plus a bit else besides.

A few things struck me about the audiences for my talks.

Their intelligence. These people had read up on the issue. They understood what was going on in England, America and Europe far better than I did what is going on in Australia. One couple, who met me in such style in Canberra, were very active and informed on the cause to protect Middle Eastern Christians from mass murder. This is the “ethnic tension” that the BBC sometimes tells us about, which always end up with churches getting torched and Christian girls getting “abducted”. As a citizen of a crusader nation, I was ashamed of my lack of knowledge here.

Their tough mindedness. These people want to know about the endgame. For them, it is not simply about letting off steam. They want to know how this thing will end, ugly as it may be. I put this down to the Aussie ability to look reality square in the eye. I’m reminded of the Australian attitude to joining the doomed League of Nations: when President Woodrow Wilson pompously asked their Foreign Secretary, “Are you prepared to defy the opinion of the civilised world?”, the Australian reply was: “That’s about the size of it Mr. President”.

Their political incorrectness. One gentleman told me he had fought a mosque application, and secured a court order allowing him, as a neighbour, to visit at any time of day or night to make sure the place was complying with the conditions of its permission. “And I’m gonna enjoy doing it!”

Their enjoyment it all. You only have to hear Sergio Redegalli speak. His “Say No to Burqas” mural on the wall of his artistic studio, naturally incurs calls for censorship and violence from fellow artists in Sydney, plus lots of thrown cans of highly environmentally damaging paint. He refers to them as “his ferals”, and incorporates their smudges and splashes into new versions of the mural.

I completed my trip by advising a local group about a mosque proposal that appears to be something very sinister. I can’t go into it now because the investigation will have to be done on the quiet. But this proposal is not what they claim, and will certainly turn into a downright dangerous presence for the peaceable and warm hearted neighbours.

Australia doesn’t deserve what is currently coming to them. But from what I saw, they won’t get it, because they won’t allow it. They won’t have to go so far down the road as we have before they wise up.

On the European side of the world, we may end up fighting the war in order to solve the problem. But my bet is that Australia will quietly and firmly see our example and solve its own problems without fighting the battle. And this, if Sun Tsu is to be believed, is the highest form of strategy.

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  1. NTERESTING STATS in this video – on the % of American mosques that have a major pro-jihad stance: according to a random sampling of 100 mosques, it was over 51%. 30% have a moderate jihad stance. THE WORST STAT – QUITE STUNNING: though 19% of mosques are anti-jihad, these attract only 3% of the attendance.

    Thank you, Gavin, for including this very interesting stat in your speech.

    And good that you are letting people know your strategies to block mosque building applications.

  2. Building a mosque is expensive: there are the costs of the land, the planning process, and any subsequent appeals, and the architects to pay before one sod can be turned on the site.

    When the Bradford mosque was under construction a BBC crew, anxious perhaps to put a ‘positive’ and ‘beneficial’ spin on things, interviewed one of the masons working the marble ashlars that were used to face the building. He spoke with delight of the ‘no expense spared’ approach of the client to the finish and detailing of the mosque, which, he said, was rare these days.

    Where does all that money come from? The irony of our dependence on oil is that when it runs out and our economies, and the cultures thus supported, collapse the Mohammedans will be in a perfect position to prosecute civil wars in our countries and reduce us, again, to the barbarous condition, formerly described as the Dark Ages, that was suffered by our ancestors, unless I’m mistaken in my recollection of the Pirenne Thesis.

  3. Claims that ALL British politicians are multiculturalists and appeasers of Islam are slightly wide of the mark. Ironically, the “fastest-growing religion” seems to be producing its nemesis in the form of the “fastest-growing political party in the UK”. Australia gets an honourable mention and a round of applause at the minute mark:

    For those in the UK,you know it makes sense,so just do the right thing at the next election…..

  4. if the powers-to-be dont get their heads out of the sand,/recognise that the violence seen in arab countries (islam )…has ( all things considered )potential to break out here muslims are already trying to change our at swimming pools/aussie teachers threatened with “sack”in they do not wear jihad ? purchase all “alal” not assimilate. from my observation, are extremely tempremental,unreasonable.have been warring for thousands of years….and i believe it is only matter of time, australia will be no exception.not a matter of “if”…but when ???

  5. It really doesnot amase me at all that the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protent) race of Engind is up in Arms, just as the Democrates & Republicans, in the US Are.

    The only thing about it is, as a result of ALL of the past Colonialzation of different foreign countries, and the dumming down of the English (US) Education systems, it has brought about change.

    This change or demand for Educated people(s)has left the WASP’s in a quandry? An not understanding it, like most other things.

    Fact of the matter is that College, the Science, Medicine, just for a few, ALL demand some higher form of Math Skills, which for WASP’s in on a steep decline and for say Hundu’s, Buddhist,and Muslim’s is on the increase, are marked increase.

    Does this not suggest something the reader?

    On the Reverse side of the coin, with foreigner’s getting Much smarter and WASP’s getting much stupider…the WASP’s (England, US, and Israel) continue to practice Terroristic action against independent countries.

    Do you think for one minute, that when you (the England, US, or Israel)send your soldiers or Secret organizations (such as Massad) that your going to do so with out any response?

    We live in a time necessitates the mixing of Religions, Races, Sects, and peoples of ALL walks. While the hid sighted Governments, still dealing in the past (1700-1800) pick and choose which race, which religion, which peoples they are goingf to attack and eliminate.

    Who is or who are the Terrorist? I would suggest to you that, today, presently, the England, the United States (by Obama’s self incrimination) and Israel) ate the Terrorist.

    Look at who is build the drones (England, US and Israel), who is using the drone to KILL inocent people (England, US and Israel), and who is telling Lye, compounded upon Lye in the after math to attempt justify the Murders

    What I would suggest to you, that if these Terrorist countries (England, US and Israel), were truely required to pay the BLOOD PRICE as written in the Quran for killing inocent peoples (Blood Price = Price of 100 Camels for each perons, paid directly to the family) it would take a sharp turn.

    The ONLY thing that the Jewish Peoples, or the WASP (England, US and Israel),understand is when you covert the need into MONEY.

    When we, Muslim’s, talk about life, yes it includes the Blood Preice, but, it is in no way limited to that.

  6. Gavin it was a delight to have you visit us and now, armed with your strategic points (love your structured plan) we can stop these Islamic barracks from being built in our fair land.
    We will win because we have truth and life on our side, not lies and the love of death as too many of Islam’s followers have. God bless you,

  7. Brilliant speech. The movements are burgeoning now down under and the fight back has really gathered momentum. The Geert Wilders visit was a cracker with a media outlet publishing a poll – 94% in favour – of his visit
    Yet 100% of mainstream politicians went ballistic

    Every time a media outlet releases such a poll, the response it staggering, totally opposed to the mainstream political entities and the media. In fact the later is behaving as a kind of third political force in its own right

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