Updated Book on the Grooming Gangs – Get it from Amazon


Please click the image below for a link to the comprehensive report on the grooming gangs: ‘Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal


The report examines in detail:

  • What these gangs  do
  • The chronology of the problem
  • Institutional failure and the abuse of the narrative of racism
  • The Islamic cultural background
  • The scale of the problem

It establishes that 20 years ago child-care professionals dealing with the victims made recommendations which could have protected the schoolgirl victims, but these steps have never been implemented.

The report is definitive – there is no analysis of this problem of this quality anywhere.

It goes into substantial detail, but anyone interested in the subject will find their time is well invested.

We are very grateful to Peter McLoughlin for the hundreds of hours he has devoted to this work. His selfless dedication is reflected in the quality of the research and writing.

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55 thoughts on “Updated Book on the Grooming Gangs – Get it from Amazon

  1. This is one of the most important articles I have ever read and I will be sure to share it with everyone I know. Anyone who has daughters, nieces, female siblings or just cares about children’s welfare needs to read this.

  2. I am forwarding the pdf ‘Easy Meat’ to the Foreign Relations committee to change the immigration laws in America. U.K. made a mistake, and America elected a mistake who is immigrating huge amounts of muslims into America.

  3. A very informative read that points a finger directly at the authorities who have known about this for years but repeatedly failed to act. Even to the point of threatening imprisonment in the UK for even speaking of it. Not only have the British Labour or Conservative governments failed to act but their actions have served to encourage the grooming problem. Nick Griffin, over 10 years ago was charged with racism and taken to court for speaking out against it.

    I would say that every victim and parent of those victims should sue the government for actively promoting paedophilia and grooming gangs for over 10 years.

  4. Why don’t we just report the rapes, rather than have to say MUSLIM rapes? When non Muslims commit rapes, do we say white rapists, Christian rapists etc? So why the need to label? Or is it only when a rapist happens to be Muslim, some of us feel the need for whatever reason, to say MUSLIM rapist? When grooming paedophiles happen to be white (btw this is the MAJORITY), nobody mentions that either, or saying hmmm we need to study why so many white men take part in grooming little girls. But if it happens to be a Muslim or Asian, oh well, we must say Muslim, we must say Asian, and we must study why these things are happening amongst their community, lol, what a load of baloney. Sadly, many people don’t actually care about the rapes itself, they want to politicise the rapes as a means to target specific communities, i.e. Muslims, Asians etc.

    75 percent of sex gang attacks are caused by Caucasians and other ethnic groups other than Asians. Surely if 75% of sexual exploitation is not coming from Asian Gangs then they shouldn’t be the only or even the main focus. Jimmy Saville wasn’t Asian and nor were the Catholic priests who perpetrated decades of abuse, and there must be many more like them out there. Of course Asian gangs are one part of the jigsaw, but only one part Two words.. Jimmy Saville.. White people have been getting away with this for years and nobody has mentioned race!!!People should be causing an uproar against all paedophiles regardless of ethnicity. These are vile predatory beasts and the uproar should be about eradicating them. Social services are hiding in the background because they are the ones responsible for these vulnerable children. So 75% (the majority) of sex abuse are NOT committed by these gangs. How many articles has dedicated to the other 75%, besides just reporting the incidents? How many article after article has dedicated to the other victims? It says: “NSPCC says there is danger of ‘turning a blind eye’ to abusers’ ethnicity” — so why has there never been a focus on “ethnicity” when the perpetrator is a white man? What makes a victim (75% of all victims) less worthy of attention just because they are NOT abused by these gangs? It’s a sad, sad day when victims are IGNORED because people have social and political agendas.

    The majority of child abuse is NOT gang based and is carried out by non Asians. The majority (75%) of child abuse that is gang based is NON ASIAN. So out of the ten thousand poor girls that are abused each year in the UK a very small percent of them – an extremely small percent of them are abused by Asians. Why doesn’t DM generalise and imply all BBC employees are child abusers?Whoever was responsible one fact remains – the police and child agencies simply didn’t do their job protecting innocent white girls. In any other job if you don’t do your job properly you get sacked. It’s only when police and the agencies involved are sacked.

    Thousands of children are sexually abused by gangs and groups in England each year, according to a report. The Office of Children’s Commissioner study says there were 2,409 victims in the 14 months to October 2011 – but the true number is likely to be far higher.The report also identifies 16,500 children who were at “high risk of sexual exploitation” in 2010-11. David Cameron told the House of Commons the report was “extremely disturbing” and should be studied carefully. The report, titled “I thought I was the only one – the only one in the world”, sets out the findings from the first year of a two-year inquiry. It is the first study to set out the scale of the sexual exploitation of children and young people. It comes in the wake of the jailing in May of nine Asian men for grooming an sexually exploiting white girls as young as 13 in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. It draws on figures for sexual abuse, young offending and child health from local authorities, police, health services, voluntary agencies and children and young people.

    The deputy children’s commissioner, Sue Berelowitz, said the evidence indicated the perpetrators “come from all ethnic groups and so do their victims, contrary to what some may wish to believe”. She cautioned the “model” of Asian men preying on white girls was just one of “a number of models”. “The failure of agencies to recognise this means that too many child victims are not getting the protection and support they so desperately need,” Ms Berelowitz added. Analysis of the reported ethnicity of more than 1,500 alleged perpetrators showed that about a third were white, the largest ethnic group. “The reality is that each year thousands of children in England are raped and abused by people seeking to humiliate, violate and control them,” said Ms Berelowitz. She told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme that in six out of 10 cases no information was available on ethnicity.The authors say evidence to the inquiry indicates that in any given year the actual number of children being abused is far greater than the 2,409 confirmed in the report.
    London School of Islamics Trust


  5. Iftikhar Ahmad, did you read the report? It is addressing a specific kind of rape gang, which is near enough to exclusively muslim as makes no difference.

    Do you not find it troubling that there are gangs of muslim men preying on non-muslim girls? Or is it bad enough that the words “musli” and “non-muslim” are actually used as identifiers in this particular case.

    If you are not going to comment on the nature of the crimes committed, then perhaps you might like to enlighten us as to why you don’t seem to be too upset about the aspect of such a small proportion of the overall population being implicated.

  6. Wow, this has really opened my eyes at the how extremely paranoid and bigoted people can be. I doubt any of you are experts in Islam or Muslims so perhaps it’d be wiser to stop making general comments based on your ignorant learnings from the tube, daily express/mail, the sun or whatever right wing z zionist owned paper. You banter on about child see offences. There have been so many Christian celebrities, priests and Christian office folk accused of similar things, but yet you home in own a minority group who you don’t even know people from. Do you even have any black friends? Have you even been beyond Spain or Cornwall on your three star holidays? I doubt it. The world is a very big place. There are 1.7 billion Muslims on it, only two million of those are in the UK (do the maths for the percentage) with a tiny number that have committed crimes just as any human being can. Stop associating every bad thing a person does who happens to be born Muslim, with Islam. Don’t judge a religion by its people. Otherwise we’ve got kkk, Japan being nuked, the Holocaust, Iraq, Vietnam, two gulf wars, Afghanistan all to blame on white Christians. Lest not forget the Spanish inquisition.

  7. All non-Muslims “Asians” I have spoken to detest the term “Asian”. Because every time there is a case in the papers or on the news about grooming gangs (Pakistanis and Bangladeshis mainly), they get tarred with the politically-correct “Asian” brush. The people committing these crimes are not Chinese, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs etc. They are MUSLIMS!

    As an aside, when Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup trophy a few years ago (positive story), no-one referred to the team as being “Asian”. Yet when men of Pakistani origin commit vile crimes in this country (negative story), the politically-correct media cover up and fudge their crimes by calling them “Asian”.

  8. Rob get your facts straight ! it’s not mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi gangs it’s just mainly Pakistani gangs .
    It’s a Pakistani Muslim problem
    It’s not a Muslim problem if it is where are all the constant Somali , Bangladeshi , Arab , Persian , Turk , exc grooming gangs ? .
    Also some of these gangs have targeted Muslim girls.

    They should absolutely be called Pakistani grooming gangs not “Asian”

  9. Mujammel, sorry but you are in denial. This a problem not just in the UK but across the world. In Australia, it is Lebanese & other Middle Easterners who are the problem, Muslims. In Holland it is the Moroccans and Turks who are doing the raping (they are known as “loverboys”), Muslims. In Sweden, there is a rape epidemic, again carried out by Muslims. Same problems in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway… Whilst you may not like people pointing the finger at Muslims, you cannot deny the facts. You are welcome to use Google and confirm what a lot of people already know.


  10. Well yes sadly there are also other Muslim grooming gangs around Europe .
    I was pointing out it’s not a Muslim problem as a whole because vast majority of the grooming gangs in uk are Pakistani Muslim even though there are thousands of other Muslims that live in the uk , why are they not in grooming gangs if it’s a Muslim thing ?
    Where are the numerous cases of Indian , Bangladeshi , Persian ,Arab , Turk , Somali exc grooming gangs in the uk ?
    It really depends on the upbringing of the Muslims rather them just being Muslim .

    Also as I’ve said before the gangs also target muslim girls too .

  11. Rod,


    The significant point is that the vast majority of these sexual predators are Muslims, not that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not involved. Australia’s most notorious gang rapists were Lebanese Muslims, when convicted they were given very severe sentences, the common factor is Islam. They’re simply imitating Mohammed’s example.
    I don’t know who is more contemptible, the sexual predators or the ‘authorities’ who covered up this atrocity.

  12. *** [Sue Berelowitz] cautioned the “model” of Asian men preying on white girls was just one of “a number of models”. ***

    Yes, because they also prey on Sikh and Hindu girls, as the Law and Freedom report points out. Meanwhile, Jamaicans, Somalis, Afghans and other vibrant folk are preying on white girls too. But not just white girls. After all, these vibrant folk aren’t racist. Sue Berelowitz is a liar and web-spinner who doesn’t want us to identify the groups who are far more likely to commit crimes like this than the native white British. Britain has never been free of rape and sexual abuse, but mass immigration has made the problem massively worse.

  13. Thank you for publishing Peter McLoughlin’s stunning report. Let us not fail to mention some of the other cultural accomplices of these heinous crimes. The BBC, The Guardian, and the faculties at Oxbridge are complicit in spreading and enforcing the political correctness and multiculturalism that allowed these crimes to go undetected for so long. The shame of a nation. A nation that doesn’t, can’t, or won’t protect its children deserves to fall into the sea.

  14. @Brad, I quite agree. I am almost ashamed to be British, but the UK can expiate this massive sin by acting to do what is right from now on.

    Gavin Boby, what can be done to punish those who knew but did nothing? Can criminal charges be pressed or is the only recourse civil action for damages?

    If the latter is the only course, could a fund be set up and registered as a charity perhaps, to cover costs which lawyers (who could be asked to represent these children pro bono) could not meet?

    Just an idea

  15. To Iftikhar Ahmad. You are right to say that the media, courts etc. might not label a racist ‘Christian’, ‘Jewish’ or whatever, and that it may often be inappropriate to single Muslims out for this. But Muslims do put themselves into a separate category. No other religion is as obsessed with sex — especially sex for male benefit — as Islam. A man may have four regular wives and may divorce any of them even on a whim (I have read that even if a husband just thinks he has divorced a wife, it is valid). If a wife does not submit to a husband’s demand for sex ‘even if she is in the kitchen’, then, according to a sahih hadith, ‘the angels curse her until dawn’. In a society under shari’a law, non-Muslim women may be sold as slaves, and men may buy them and have sex with them as concubines (a law directly derived from the Qur’an). Many Sunni men avail themselves of misyar marriage, allowing them to keep an extra wife in a town to which they travel from time. Shi’i men use mut’a/sigha marriage, which is temporary and mainly for the purpose of having a women for sex for an hour, a day, a month, a year, or more. Muslim women head out to Syria and Iraq to act as sexual comfort for fighters on jihad. Everywhere, a’ima and ‘ulama preach about female modesty, something they take to absurd proportions — she must show only one eye, she must remain indoors and never leave her house, she must6 always cover her head and neck, she has to dress in all-enveloping clothes, wear gloves, never mix with men. This demeans women and girls and turns them into nothing more than sex objects (since the whole purpose of hijab is to prevent men catching sight of even a woman’s wrist, since even that will drive men to overpowering lust. None of these restrictions are imposed on men. Read the fatawa that give the most bizarre instructions about oral sex, encouraging women to breastfeed grown men so they can be treated as mahram, rendering ordinary Muslims totally neurotic about sexual thoughts and behaviour. If a man can’t even date a girl, can’t hold her hand or kiss her on the cheek, is it any wonder that so many of them turn to rape? Given this background, is it surprising that non-Muslims do take notice of the sexual obsessions of Muslims and regard Islamic arrogance about Western mores, about Western women, about our much more controlled and balanced behaviour? Until Muslims start to take full responsibility for what they do, what imams and muftis preach or exercise ifta’, they will go on bleating that non-Muslims are responsible for all the harm that befalls Muslims. The context I have just given does not apply to most non-Muslims, who handle sexuality with dignity and respect for women and men alike. You have a long way to go.

  16. I am very sad to see Islam spreading in the UK and Europe in the name of religious freedom. There is no doubt about the evil inside the Islam doctrine. Islam is just hate speech and endorsement of criminal activity. As a Roman Catholic I will pray to the Lord for the Law and Freedom Foundation.

    Thank you for fighting for the western world, our whole culture could not be destroyed without a fight!. The legal fight on the courts is the civilized way to stand up against the Muslim invasion.

    Saint Michael the archangel defend us in battle!

  17. Your pseudo report is extremely dangerous to say the least because it attempts to give your narrative (Muslims and Islam are the problem – I simplify grossly here) some credibility by peppering the report with articles and references to various press reports and studies. You are right when you said you’re also extrapolating in the report – in fact, your are extrapolating beyond the point of credibility.

    Let me declare up front, that I am a Muslim Pakistani born in the UK. I also happen to love this country and respect all the laws of this fine place.

    The reason your attempt at some form of investigative journalism is so dangerous is because:

    – You make the claim or at least insinuate that Islam is the issue. I was born and raised a Muslim in the UK and can categorically state that the overwhelming number of Pakistani of Muslims were raised not to have sexual relations outside of marriage under ANY circumstances. Never was rape or taking advantage of “white non-Muslim woman” condoned or allowed. In fact, had the Pakistani muslim men paid heed to the religion they’d been raised with they’d never have engaged in these hideous grooming cases. Sexual offences of this nature are viewed with horror amongst the Pakistani community in the UK who tend to be more conservative than most of the population.

    – It fails to take account of a multitude of factors that lead to these grooming gangs. Most Pakistani men are in the lower socia-economic groupings in the UK; they work as taxi drivers, restaurant workers and a range of trades that bring them into contact with young vulnerable girls and makes access easier. Some of these Pakistani men, also due to the way they were raised, have a racist tendency to view white woman as lesser people due to their sexual behaviour.

    – it takes our attention away from the root causes of this issue – the root cause is a cultural issue specifically related to Pakistani men – not bengali men, not men of Arab ethnicity but Pakistanis. There is absolutely no doubt looking at the home office statistics that Pakistani are over represented in grooming cases by 4 to 6 times.

    – Your report cites examples, quotes and statistics completely out of context and without narrative leaving the reader with the distinct impression that Islam is to blame. Sorry, but you are no better than the likes of ISIS in your attempts to justify your viewpoint and its dangerous to say the least. Just because you’ve found a fringe case where Islam was cited as being the issue or part of the issue does not mean that mainstream Islam or most muslims have the same view.

    If you look at the home statistics for sex offenders in prison you will observe that in the UK young black males are also over represented in sex offences. How comes you didn’t conclude that this was somehow the fault of Christianity since most of these young black men are Christians? The fact is that its got NOTHING to do with Christianity but your twisted logic would say otherwise:

    9,042 defendants proceeded against for sexual offences in 2011 (91.2 per cent of
    total) were of a known ethnicity (see Table 4.4). Of these persons:
    – 78.0 per cent were White;
    – 9.9 per cent were Black;
    – 9.7 per cent were Asian;
    – The remaining 2.4 per cent were of ‘other’ ethnicity.

    Furthermore, if you look across other sex offences – online grooming, rape, paedophiles etc then you see that Pakistani or Muslim men are not overrepresented so it appears that the most glaring case of where Pakistani men are offending is grooming. Here is a quote from the Child Enforcement and Online Protection centre who published a threat assessment report into child exploitation in 2013 : “It found that in cases where children were sexually abused by groups of people because they were vulnerable (as opposed to sexual attraction), 50% of the perpetrators were Asian and 21% white. This lends credence to the theory that ethnicity may be a significant factor when it comes to group offending.”

    We must tackle the problem of grooming gangs in the UK by addressing the root cause – cultural issues with Pakistani men raised in the UK rather than pointing an unhelpful finger at Islam or Muslims in general. You sir, are a complete fraud.

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