Object to the Mosque Planning Application at the Portmanor Pub in Portland Road, Croydon

If you would like to object to this planning application to convert The Portmanor Pub in Portland Road, Croydon, to a mosque then you can do so at:

Croydon Council’s comments page for this planning application

Some of the reasons to object to this mosque, the ways in which it may affect your community, are:

  • Parking and traffic – no parking for over 4,000 square feet of mosque on a busy corner;
  • Congestion, noise and disturbance – busy, residential, “Area of High Density”;
  • Harmful to this Conservation Area – no other pubs nearby on this side of the tracks.

No one anywhere can criticise you for leaving your comments on behalf of your community. It is the moderate, lawful thing to do. Policy encourages consultation, and the law requires it. The Council welcomes your opinion.

That link again: http://publicaccess.croydon.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=_CROYD_DCAPR_146057

Or you go there yourself by Googling for

  1. “Croydon Council planning applications search”
  2. clicking “Online planning register – Croydon Council” in the returned search results
  3. when taken to the Council’s web page, clicking “Public Access Planning Register”
  4. entering the application number “15/01617” in the Search box on the Council’s website
  5. clicking the “Make a Public Comment” button
  6. leaving your comment on the page that is returned.

Or you can email the Council at: development.management@croydon.gov.uk

Or write to them at:

Croydon Council Planning Department

Bernard Wetherill House

8 Mint Walk