Mosques and muslim pimping gangs

Two recent stories about the on-street pimping of underage girls:

Dozens of vulnerable teenage girls may have been rescued from the clutches of a paedophiles after a major police operation smashed a child sex gang.



Dawn raids across Manchester as police move in on gang who groomed under-age girls at drug-fuelled sex parties

Who is doing it?

Research into 17 prosecutions between 1997 and 2010, involving the on-street grooming of girls aged 11-16 by gangs, showed that of the 56 people convicted, 3 were white, and 53 were Asian of whom only 3 were non-Muslim.

Whilst child abuse appears to happen among all populations, the on-street gangs grooming and pimping underage (white, non-muslim) girls appears to be an almost entirely muslim thing.

Nor can it be confidently asserted that it is a minority of sexually active muslim men involved, even assuming that the police have not turned a blind eye to muslim pimping gangs, as they appear to have done. One detective has described this as a tidal wave of offending.

The figures we have are indicative, because no government will ever conduct impartial research into this aspect of the problem. But the figures, such as they are, make it far from clear that this is a tiny minority of UK muslim males of sexually active age (say 18-56) who are customers of such gangs.

Nor is there any evidence of efforts by muslim authorities to put a stop to this crime. There are no muslim run hotlines to inform on the rapists. There are no muslim demonstrations on the subject.

And if sermons are preached against it they are quiet. See this case about an Imam who preached in favour of the rape of non-muslim women and then practised what he preached.


The root of the problem lies in Islamic doctrine.

The Koran is explicit that muslims should take non muslim females as slaves. Mohammed did this, as did his followers.

The phrase “whom your right hands possess” is repeated 14 times in the Koran. “Those whom your right hands possess” refers specifically to slaves, usually war-booty. The Koran specifically authorising sex with them:

Verse – 70:22-30

… who restrain their carnal desire (save with their wives and their slave girls, for these are lawful to them) he that lusts after other than these is a transgressor…

Verse – 23:5,6

…who restrain their carnal desires (except with their wives and slave girls, for these are lawful to them…

Verse – 4:24

And all married women are forbidden unto you save those captives whom your right hand possess. It is a decree of Allah for you.

Verse – 33:50

Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty;…

And this practice is supported in the Hadith, the tales and sayings from Mohammed’s life.

Similarly, sex with children, even prepubescent girls, is permitted within islam.

Mohammed married his ‘favourite’ wife Aisha when she was 6, and had sex with her when she was 9 and still playing with dolls – playing with dolls was forbidden to any but prepubescent girls, because dolls are human images and thus forbidden in islam.

The Koran also states that a muslim man can divorce a prepubescent girl whom he has married, and prescribes a “waiting time” (between sex and divorce) of three months. There is no waiting time for a wife with whom the man has not consummated the marriage.

If this Koranic instruction is pieced together, coupled with the life of Mohammed who is the ideal man and model for all muslims for all time, it becomes clear why the grooming, pimping and sex slavery of non muslim women should be so prevalent.

This problem is not merely another problem of crime, but a problem of islamic doctrine.


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  1. You may wish to look into and there especially under “Islam”, “Terrorism” and “Self-Defense”

    Comments are welcomed there or to the email address I have provided you.

  2. Good work!

    Years ago the fellow who was to eventually start the EDL going told me about this happening in Luton. At the time, he’d fled to the US because of the police betrayals of him. But he was particularly outraged at the fate of thse young women and there was nothign he could do.

    In time, he left here to return to the UK and take up the work again. The police and QP left him dangling for a looong time. Ugly stuff.

    It’s no better in the US, as I’m sure you know. A few brave souls like you are standing up.

    I pray for England every day.

  3. I was curious about your viewpoint and so I visited your website. It seems at best to be a (hopefully) harmless way to vent perceived frustrations. I was, however, somewhat concerned that a clearly well-educated man should choose to peddle such arrant drivel to the ignorant and ill informed…? Have you nothing better to do? Would harmony and understanding be so terrible? Do you realise that you could be influencing the next Anders Breivik type crackpot?? Free speech is a wonderful thing, as is education. I urge you brother to consider your actions. Peace be upon you.

  4. Well done, I’m very happy to see you getting involved in all this. In my view ever single British politician has already committed Treason because they are not acting on behalf of the British people but instead are supporting the flooding of the UK with Muslims. Islam should be illegal in the UK, all Muslim immigration stopped and all Muslims who want Sharia Law deported. Islam is not a normal religion. It does not teach spirituality of any sort, just hatred and murder. Read the Koran and find out for yourselves. Every other religion on planet Earth teaches love and compassion, but not Islam. By throwing out Christianity and losing all spiritual values the British people are going to throw their country away to the Hate and Murder cult of Islam. Solutions;
    1) Get out of the EU and maintain a free trade agreement.
    2) Ban all Muslim immigration to the UK.
    3) Ban all mosque building.
    4) Ban all Muslim schooling. It should be illegal to teach children the evil crap in the Koran. It is pure evil, just check it out.
    5) Bring back hanging for Treason. If we did this, Jack Straw would have to be hung for Treason, because he is the man responsible for flooding the UK with muslims and people from other 3rd world countries. Immigration is fine but pick the best available, people who have top end skills we need and shut the door on the rest.

  5. Debbie J suffers from the media driven rap garbage. She sounds like a rapper not an English girl. That is because she doesn’t read or lacks the intellectual capacity. Up the voting age to 25 years of age and start fining people that talk rubbish instead of English. There has to be pride in being English. or just start censoring anti-English talk, or speech that takes dignity out of our language.

  6. I think it’s ironic the name of the website is law and FREEDOM party when you are trying to restrict someones freedom of worship, this i an awful site

  7. Great & very brave stuff. I am inspired by you. It is so sad to watch the
    country that brought freedom, & light to a very dark world, self destructing.
    I cannot watch the rape & destruction of these children anymore. I can’t.
    It’s all over Europe. It is sad beyond any words I have. The days of these violent invaders will soon come to a brutal end. They have no idea of the fate that awaits them. God what a nightmare. We cannot let our incredible
    civilization go to this black death. We can’t. We wont. We will never

    Thank you so much. You are saving our children.

  8. Living outside the UK, Gavin Boby’s invaluable work has only just come to my attention. At long last it appears that resonable, well educated Britons are shaking off the dogma of excessive political correctness and are no longer afraid to say they oppose Islam as a doctrine which is incompatable with western values, and that to do so is not racist. It’s plain obvious that wherever Muslims gain the demographic upper hand, they move to impose Sharia Law. Islam preaches war and the enslavement of infadels. Suffice to read the Verse of the Sword in the Koran

  9. Just heard about your site and seen your video of how you will help us all to fight our enemy and deal with our criminal filth politicians. I and a friend are planning to go to my local council offices and get information about prospective mosques and we’re going to a couple of adjacent authorities also. I will post relevant future information on Stop Islamization of Britain on Face Book. I’ve been nagging people to take ACTION for a long time and now they seem to be responding. That’s not good news, it means even the brain-dead and the congenitally illiterate are noticing the islamic intrusion.

  10. This website is an absolute travesty and this page has pretty much zero factual content to it. If you truly want to understand the Qu’ran’s teachings then looking into with some sincerity, do not simply quote verses out of historical and textual context, any idiot can do that…which is evident here. The lies on here are disgusting, “Similarly, sex with children, even prepubescent girls, is permitted within islam”…what fool would believe that ANY religion would allow that?! That is completely forbidden in Islam as it is in all religions. Wake up and stop wasting your lives hating others.

  11. Hahaha bullshit haters hating on Islam please get a life it’s not only Muslims that rape open ur eyes n see for urself I’ve seen plenty of British people raping n causing murder not only Muslims okay don’t blame anything on Islam. Halve of da bad things I see is caused by anyone not only Muslims uu guys r such stereotypes I bet ur jealous that Muslims r better n please stop wid da bullshit tht Muslims want hatred n murder ehrmm no think again don’t pick up quotes from books first read da Quran then u noe what’s it bout k. Ignorant people Lyk u piss me orf

  12. ABC123, I’m afraid that you are incorrect. There are those of us who do understand Islam and have observed it for years with a growing sense of trepidation. I understand the Koranic doctrine of abrogation where the early fluffy bits of the Qu’ran are superceded by the violent bits that came later when Mohammed got more violent and more deranged.

    It’s not quoting out of context it’s pointing out that there is violence in Islam and that violence has come from the Qu’ran. Although both the Old Testament and the Qu’ran have violence in it only the Qu’ran elevates this violence to a religious duty.

  13. I’m commenting on 2 things: the very high percent of Muslims involved in the grooming and pimping of underage girls in Manchester (50 of 53), and then the comments that you are taking quotes from the Qu’ran out of context.

    If the stats were favorable to Muslims, it would be all over the news. Instead, in this case, it isn’t.

    Then, the quotes from the Qu’ran indicate a clear link between the behavior and the Qu’ran. One: how can one need context for passages such as “We have made lawful to you the wives whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty”? The passage is very clear. Two: if the quote is somehow taken “out of context”, the people who need to learn this are the Muslim men involved in pimping underage non-muslim girls.

  14. U thick ignorent piece of plank Islam is pure you don’t know the facts and some people reading this don’t either the verses you are picking out are 1400 years old some verses suited the time and situation things are different now. as for marryin young girls and having sex with them you dumbass .
    If the average time scale of life was 30 then marrying at age of nine is perfectly Normal as well as sex. No we averagly live up to 80 the human biological system has changed so now we are maturing slower 16 is the legal age .compare the figures of age 9,to30 or 16to 80 who is really legalizing underage sex the western world you pathetic nonce

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