Never Shall Be Slaves – please circulate

The rape gang cases that have been uncovered so far most likely represents the tip of the tip of the iceberg. The overall numbers of both victims and perpetrators is almost certainly orders of magnitude higher than so far reported.

The true level of this strand of crime needs to be revealed. And to do that, Councils need to be forced to listen better. And, where they’re concerned, nothing talks louder than money!

I would love to be able to sue the Council officers for damages out of their own pockets for their neglect and acquiescence. But this is not possible yet. Maybe one day, when the PC fog has cleared further.

Until then, we do what we can.

The aim is to force Councils and Police Authorities to pay. This will lead negligent Council Officers and Police chiefs to get demoted and sidelined, and investigation of these crimes to be taken seriously. And force them to move from turning a blind eye, to actively investigating for such crimes.

This in turn should lead them to detect more of them, which will put further pressure on them to pursue such cases harder, and so on.


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  1. Thank you so much for doing this vital work, especially for free and with such obvious genuine concern. It is only through financially penalising those organisations responsible for Looking the other way whilst these children were abused that more sych instances will be acknowledged and in the long term prevented. Again – thank you.

  2. Congratulations, Gavin, on this project. Vital, and very to the point. People have failed to uphold the law and protect the vulnerable. Urgent that these people be held responsible.

  3. Go for it Gavin! Get these scumbags through the courts. They must feel the full weight of British justice for the horrendous crimes they have committed against vulnerable, defenceless young girls. Criminals like these have no place in a civilised society. You are helping to empower people at a grassroots level, and hopefully, even politically correct bureaucrats and police.

    You have also been an inspiration to us here in Australia, where we are having similar problems.

  4. I agree with what you are doing and hopefully soon those responsible for their lack of duty and cover up in rape cases will be held to account.

    I would also like to see those in charge of mosques where rape gangs have sprung from are also fined. No one has yet made the Muslim community responsible for these crimes and they continue to shrug off blame by saying that it happens in all communities and it’s only a tiny minority of men involved. They are fully supported in this by the police and media particularly the BBC. Few if any non-Muslim men took part in these rape offences and it is predominantly a Pakistani and Somalian problem like it is in Sweden and elsewhere throughout Europe where they hve settled.

    Good luck Gavin.

  5. Keep up your good work. These Muslims should be deported,even if they are British subjects. We do not need Sharia Law. We do not need Muslim rapists.

  6. Another comment. I believe that the Prime Minister of the UK thinks that Muslims are doing a wonderful thing by giving up eating. I can’t believe my ears. Since when did politicians & Prime Ministers wish any faith a Happy whatever. Get real. Another thing, why was a kid in school denied a drink of water because of Ramadam? What is this world coming to??

  7. Perhaps you should include the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE. For it is that organization, not the Police, who make decisions on who to prosecute and if to prosecute. The Police can only submit their files to them for decision, and must act on their instructions. So if prosecutions do not occur, , and offenders are not charged and brought before the courts, then blame the CROWN PROSECUTORS and not the Police.

  8. Successive British Governments have operated an open “come to the UK” policy, whereby this scum are allowed to live here and take benefits from the taxpayer. The same governments, and local authorities, and Police, then bend over backwards to ensure that these people are favoured in every way. When they commit crime, including the serious types of crime against the person that they are known for, and bring in with them from their cess-pit countries, it gets brushed under the carpet. They are sentenced by the courts to be deported, but the Brits bow to Brussels and allow them to stay and spawn their evil deeds. Our governments have aided and abetted them in their rape of this country. The slow and insidious take over of Britishness, and our way of life, is well underway.

    They do not like us, will not integrate, and are here for all they can scrounge. And one day soon, with the apathy of most citizens, they will take over completely.

    My beautiful country; all it has stood for; this land of spires and enlightenment; of great statesmen and inventors; will son be lost to a plague. It is already too late, but we must fight on, for it will happen over my dead body…

  9. This man and the organization he represents will help you.He helped us and he can help you.

    Keep up the Good work Gavin.

  10. Keep up the excellent work- this vile cancer must be excised from this country-our values must be respected and the value of visitors should not even enter into the equation-they are here because we allow them,not because we want them, or need them. We have about 20 million too many people on this tiny island and there are a great many myths about the positives of immigration and people doing jobs Brits would not do-that is one big lie the Labour party started after WW2 when our servicemen could not come home-because there were no jobs. The working classes have always been shafted by Labour. Now they have shafted 3 generations

  11. Well done Gavin! The best ‘somebody’ to do this is definitely you! Good on you. I hope an Aussie lawyer follows your excellent example in all of these matters.

  12. Gavin. Have you thought about standing as an MP? You would certainly get elected. The problem with Islamic mosques, schools and colleges, is that hundreds have been built in the UK since the early 1980’s. Many of these schools/colleges were financed by the Thatcher government to teach good Islamic education to the thousands of Muslim immigrants which her government had allowed into the UK, and were given asylum. Those schools/colleges, like many of the mosques around the country, are now teaching their pupils radical Islam, and hatred of anyone who does not convert to the Muslim faith.

  13. Gavin, I follow with every word you utter, a true Englishnan (Crusader)and so do alot more who were once to afraid to air their views,keep up the CRUSADE!

  14. You are a Saint Mr Boby and a breath of fresh air in this cabal of politically correct, Kafkaesque miasma of traitorous and cowardly, penny-ante and oh so petty officials ( though not so petty these days as they seem to wield immense but prejudiced and ill-directed power – mainly , I think at a certain section of society who are, for now,in the majority.

    I despair for the future of my children.I am depressed and angry at the obvious chicanery between all our so-called services- be it social,political or law enforcement. Depressed, as these ‘services’ seem blind to a certain section of our population and I cannot think of any reason why this is happening and has been allowed to happen for so long despite being forewarned. It is so inconceivable to me that I can only incline toward some sort of freakish conspiracy to rid these islands of its people by crushing and eroding their spirits with a sort of collective hypnosis that all is utopia. Helped by all sections of the British media by not reporting any of it, or at least, not divulging its horrific consequences for fear of upsetting a section of the population.
    What is really going on ? Why is it going on? What purpose does it serve? especially as it is happening not only here but all over Western Europe.
    As long as there are people like you around I don’t feel so alone.
    God bless you and your foundation.

  15. Muslims are organised and with a click of a finger are ready for all out war what can we the non believers do? There is no unity between non believers u either have extreme far right groups fighting against muslims and nothing else. Theres no true non believers against muslim group out there.

  16. Our native birthrate is 1.4 and they are raping our children. This is genocide and our gov is happy to allow it. We need to take action and end it. Lock the gangs up for life and repatriate the rest. Boost birth rate, have as many children as possible. UK muslim average birthrate is 2.9 so get busy.

  17. Gavin are you getting involved with the mega mosque in Londonistan. Pickles gives his yes/no in September!!!

  18. I am of the opinion that since it is the muslim community who is capable of acting as a group should make reparations for the deliberate genocide they are inflicting upon us.

    Surely the wealth of those convicted should be taken and spent on the enormous expense of assisting these poor broken girls. No expense should be spared and why should it come from the public purse.

    Please, tell me who I need to write to.

  19. I agree with you merle.
    Those horrible, arrogant, evil Islamic community are causing so much problems to us nonbelievers and draining our limited resources while at the same time discriminating against us at every opportunity.
    Their Islamic communities should make reparations for all the criminal activities, exploitation(of Western resources), terrorism and bullying that their Islamic community tend to inflict on us nonbelievers.

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