Oppose the Mosque application for 68 Nansen Road, Birmingham, B11 4DT

If you would like to stop this planning application to create a mosque at 68 Nansen Road, Birmingham, B11 4DT, you can register your objection to it at the link below.

It’s easy, fast, and safe. And it works.

Birmingham Council’s comments page for this planning application

Birmingham Council’s comments page for this planning application

Or you can object via the the Council’s email, quoting the application reference “2015/02374“, and address “68 Nansen Road, Birmingham, B11 4DT“: planningandregenerationenquiries@birmingham.gov.uk


Don’t just copy these. Use your own words.

  • Parking and traffic – parking demand will be excessive for for this 4300 ft.² mosque;
  • Congestion, noise and disturbance – this is a busy, densely built, residential area;
  • Permission was already refused 6 months ago – because of “noise and disturbance” – no should mean no, and the Council should not give in to pressure.

No one anywhere can criticise you for leaving your comments on behalf of your community. But if you email the Council, you can you can give them your name and address, but tell them: “I formally request you to withhold my name and address because I wish to avoid any repercussions”. The Council must still consider your objection.

If you want to go further, you can also email the Councillor for the area – jerry.evans@birmingham.gov.uk