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French anti semitism

Please see below the shocking statement by a 16 year old girl in Paris, detailing the anti-Jewish assaults and hatred she has endured for two years, until her mother pulled her from the school.

It was sent to us by her mother, asking for help, particularly in finding employment in London. She is coming to escape the violence and malice in her home town. Unfortunately, we have no job to give her. I wish we had.

If you can give her any help, please let us know, even if it is only advice or moral support. She needs it. France is currently worse than Britain. Consider how it is to discover that your child has suffered this, and to meet nothing but denial from the authorities given the duty to protect you.

If you’re grateful for anything we have done, then you needn’t help us, but please think if you can help her.

Thank you.

“At school in the St Denis area of Paris the humiliations were constant. They were designed to make me feel abnormal, deformed, disgusting. Psychological and physical humiliation.

Everything I said or did were constantly scrutinized, criticized, belittled, and turned around in order to mock me in public. As were all my physical characteristics. “For fun”. This was every day for two years, each week worse than the last one.

When not actively mocked and harmed, I was ignored.

If there was group work, I was forcibly excluded: nobody wanted to team up with a “nasty Jew”. Never any help from anybody. In German lessons, Nazi crosses were drawn on my desk. They were in ink, except for one which was engraved in the wood. When I saw pointed out these swastikas to the teacher, she erased the ink one while saying that it was nothing, and merely a coincidence that it was on my table. The engraved cross stayed on my table during the whole year.

Some examples of physical violence used against me: one day I was surrounded by about fifty children, with three girls (2 Muslims and 1 Catholic) close to me who took it in turns to hit me. The game was to see who could hit me the hardest. Others looked on and laughed, while others said that was what a “Nasty Jew” deserved – a typical insult against me.

There were other games: when I was sitting on a bench in the courtyard, a Muslim boy and two Muslim girls took it in turns to strike me on the head as they walked past. They circled me, striking me on the head each time, hitting harder each time.

Another game: push the Jew downstairs. This happened about ten times in two years.

Another game: in changing room after sport, several girls would catch my arms behind me and pull me upward until I thought my shoulders would be dislocated.

Everyday there were insults. Here is a sample (roughly translated):

« Nasty Jew whore »

« Whore of your race »

« Nasty Bolshevik »

« Dirty Yupine »

 « How ugly with your big Jewish nose »

« People like you should have been incinerated»

« Nasty intellectual Jew »

« The Jewish blood is impure so fire is better than a knife »

« Nasty Chinese eyes »

« Pig’s Eyes »

« You are as pink and ugly as a pig »

« You know that we do to pigs »

« Dirty Mongolian »

« Abnormal rat »

« Jewish moron full of shit »

At first I was ashamed and did not dare to mention any of this to my mother. But in the second year it became much worse and I eventually told her. She met the Director of the school, but he refused to believe this could be possible and accused me of imagining things. We went to the police to talk about a Muslim boy who was sexually harassing me for three months, but I did not tell the police about the anti-Semitism because I was afraid that they would not believe me.

My mother believed me and removed me from the school. I slept a lot because I was exhausted. Now I want to go back to school, but to a very good school. I need to go back to school before I am too old.

I want to work to make a good future for myself.”


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  1. Utterly disgraceful. Whenever I see swastikas being drawn on graveyards or synagogues I always pause and make myself think: “was that neo-nazis or islamo-nazis?”

    I have friends with 8 y.o. children in a school in a very muslim area of London. There are jewish kids in that school who get beaten by muslims in the school and called things like “dirty jew”. The teachers and other parents know it is going on and do nothing to stop it.

    There was also a story recently of it happening in Germany with non-jewish kids. The teachers acknowledge the vicious racist abuse that the minority of non-muslim kids in the school endure, but are too scared to do anything about it.

    I hope someone can help this young woman.

  2. Whilst I fully support your decision to come to this country I suggest you steer clear of London…it’s in just as bad a state.

    There’s some lovely places around here just…not London…trust me I’ve lived there.

  3. I am afraid that, in English schools, 13/14/15 year olds predate upon each other without mercy – any difference at all, renders one the target of the herd.

    Wear the wrong clothes, lisp or have acne….. the result is the same,yet does not stop when school finishes.. Then the facebook fascism begins.

    We are left with loads of kids desperate to seem the same as their peers, desperate to conform to a dumbed down herd mentality.

    Globalist “social- engineering” and urban overcrowding has had the same bad effect in the UK – especially in the big cities. I would not recommend anyone to come here unless they had no choice.

    In the UK, the Africans and Asians can claim racial persecution, and will be supported by the administration, this is not the case for other groups.

    Cemetery grafitti is a serious problem – Thank you Mr Lawman for bringing this back to our attention.

    Good luck and best wishes to this young woman, I am sure that she will find that she suffers less persecution in higher education.

  4. Now that you have read these comments, I hope you will protect your own children from their peers in school by taking them out. You can educate them yourself if you are 1) literate 2) live near a library 3) have a computer 4) have a car or public transport. That’s all it takes. There is no longer any excuse to leave your kids in school, where they will eventually be treated badly by several people (at least) and possibly even molested; will learn many things “that ain’t so”; will be forbidden the knowledge that’s of eternal significance; will have much of their precious time wasted; will have many bad examples set for them by peers and teachers; will have to endure lessons that are pointless, tedious and irrelevant while being denied the chance to study what they really care about, etc., etc. God will now hold you responsible since you’ve read all this. It’s really not that hard! And it’s delightful to educate your own children! Read Raymond Moore’s book “Home Grown Kids” to get started. It’s much easier than you think. You can also write me at I’ll help you. God bless.

  5. I understand sleeping a lot after such an ordeal.

    Perhaps you should come to some American city. Muslim population in the States is still fairly small. I wonder if the American Jewish anti-Defamation League could help you come to America, or at least refer you to organizations that could help you.

  6. Unless she wants to and can get her kid into a Jewish school, don’t bother with London, its just as bad, where ever Jews live sadly the pakistanis follow.
    We pulled my son out about 6 years ago after some muslim kids beat the crap out of him telling him “Jesus has a mincing machine for Jews like you” the school refused to act playing it down.

  7. Enoch Powell said “it’s like watching a nation piling up fuel on it’s own funeral pyre”, they called him a racist. In fact he was a genius who made professor at age 24 and spoke 12 languages. most people agreed with him, the traitors in power sold us out. may they rot in hell for what they have done to our once proud nation. our children are now paying the price.

  8. When are the local kids going to fight back against these ‘dirty muslim’ street arabs?
    Force is the only language they understand – PC BS notwithstanding.

  9. What is the french government going to do to eradicate this state of affairs?
    My heart goes out to this young Jewish girl, and I’m ashamed that any so called Christian, or any other supposed religious person could treat anyone so badly, SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU, and get on your knees to pray for foregiveness!

  10. Harry Richardson, you’re right. those limpwristed libtards and the cynical communists of the time deliberately mis-understood what Enoch was saying. He was’nt advocating ‘rivers of blood’, he was predicting it.
    And Hamid, you are right, but once again the spineless libtardlefties and the cynical bully boys on the right have been slowly conditioning our children to cowardice. In fact they’ve allowed this situation to deteriorate to such a state that very soon Enoch Powels prophecy will come true. The only thing in the balance at the moment is who’s blood will be flowing in the streets, the intruders, or the innocent children who’ve been conned into pacifism.
    Meanwhile, as a christian, I have ben tayght to love my enemies.I therefore wish the followers of mohammad a speedy ascent to paradise, The sooner the better. I can also assure them the enthusiastic assistance of millions of infidels should they so insist.

  11. One word, Canada.

    It is the certainly one of best places in the western world to finish your education. It is also a great place to emigrate to for employment opportunities. The more research that you do to find out about Canada, the more you will see that what I have said is accurate.

  12. What sort of work is the girl’s mother looking for? Does she have any qualifications? Some information in this respect will make it easier for people to offer advice and help where appropriate. London is a very expensive city, in particular with regard to housing, so it will not be easy for her to relocate without being able to earn a reasonable income. Moving from a French school to an English one at the age of 16 will not be an easy transition. Enrolment in a different school, possibly a Jewish one, in France may be an easier option. There are nearly half a million Jewish people in France. Has she approached French Jewish organisations for assistance?

  13. “One word, Canada. ”

    Jim I beg to differ. Canada is on it’s knees to the muzlim hoards. You bow and have made sharia the law for everyone. I understand you are just practicing Taqia, the deception demanded of muzlims. Canada is a swamp of islam soon to become a toilet that will not flush.. Canada is liberal, corrupt, and begs muzlims to come and get welfare. Your Free Press is full of the gang rape, muzlim on white assaults, police “no go” zones, areas where fire and emergency personnel will not goo due to the muzlim scum assaulting the rescuers. Have this girl get to the US while she needs no visa and let her learn to defend herself with the help of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson.


    Ici, une ecole Francis dans Londres central, mais une peut chere, tellment. Peut-etre il peut vous aider. Dans un quartier chere et assex blanche. On peut trouver les synagogues pas trop loin.

    Here, a French school in Cenrtal London, but rather expensive, really. Perhaps they can help you. It’s in an quite expensive fairly white area. There are synagogues near-ish.

  15. By Ishiro 13 February 2013:

    Australia is being invaded by stealth as these Islamic vermin come here under the guise of asylum seekers to join their vermin brotherhood already here. We have a government that is blind, indifferent or in cahoots with those in the UN who’s aim it is to allow the Islamic disease to proliferate globally. They are even given residency and immediate access to welfare payments – and half of them have no ID when they arrive because they destroy that en-route. Yes, there is a global “Grand Plan” to dumb-down the children of free thinkers so that they are more easily integrated into the ultimate herd of brainless morons. This is what is waiting around the corner – but the majority of the population in most Western nations are too apathetic go get off their lazy butts and get stuck into their “pollies” with threats of loss of their seats.


    L’ecole donne les bourses. Parce-que dans Angleterre, quleque-fois c’est completement defendu parler mauvais des Muslemans, je croire on peut etre discree ou silent. Vous pouvez sembler une probleme pour eux, but peut-etre je suis trop inquiet, et jai tort…

    The school gives bursaries. Because in England it’s sometimes compltetely illegal to be Islamophobic, I’d advise discretion or even silence. You could look like a problem to them, but perhaps I’m on the nervous side, and I’m wrong…


    Le troisiemme, je sais! J’ai fatugee, c’est tard. Chaque soir, je essayez travailer contre eux. Alors, excusez-moi.

    Cette ecole donne bourses, et est aussi gentille avec une philsophie pour l’esprit. M. Steiner et ses ecoles are populaire. Ni Juife ou Chretienne particulairement, l’ecole est fameus parce elle est blande et plus facile. Ils parlons seulmemt Anglais. Les etudiants du Steíner gagnons un endroit du idealisme. Le fil du mes amis etais en etudiant; il est polit et confidant. Mais, essayez aussi the Jewish Free School, dans Londres. Le trouvez sur l’Intretnet. Alors, j’ai finis. Au revoir.

    This is the third message, I’m tired, because each night I campaign on-line, it’s quite late. So I hope you forgive me.

    The school gives bursaries too. It’s very pleasant, giving a philosophy for the soul. Mr. Steiner and his schools are popular. Neither Jewish or Christian particuarly, it’s renowned for being gentle and easy. English-speaking only. Students are in an idealistic setting. My friend’s son went there; he’s polite and confident. Also try the Jewish Free School in London. Find it on-line. Right. I’m finished now. Au revoir.

  18. The evil of Islam which, when it cannot control openly, undermines decency in host societies which are too weak or care too little to resist it.

    The Jews, particularly those in Israel, are the canaries in the mine for the whole of Europe. Unless Europe and the West act to prevent Islam’s barbarism it is condemned.

  19. Moving far away is often not feasible. Taking her out of school was probably the best option. I agree that looking for help in French Jewish organizations and also making the media more aware of the situation is the first thing to do. Changing neighborhood and school (or even city) is easier than changing your country and learning a new language. And would certainly raise awareness about the situation. Only as a last resort I’d recommend moving abroad.

    If, however, I were to suggest somewhere to live, where she would have community support, it’s either the US or Israel. There are plenty of places in the world that would welcome her, too, though — e.g., if you seek places where Muslims are virtually unknown, then look for Brazil. I guess people here couldn’t care less, no Muslim “issues”, virtually no anti-Semitism either, as far as I know.

  20. I feel sorry for the poor Lass and her Mother but unfortunately Ishiro Yamamoto is correct about Australia. For some BLOODY reason our current Government would rather import Illegal Refugees on boats (read queue jumpers) that are deserters from the Afghan National Army, criminals from other countries, economic refugees etc etc to go on welfare payments instead of people that want to come out here to ‘have a go.’ It PISSES me off.

  21. I was look at this in the Middle East and in this country the link to more antisemitism in paris is simply BOLCKED

  22. We live in an age when most kids have mobile phones. Use them to record, if not video record goings on at school. Keep a journal, write down every instance of abuse you receive, who said it, the day and time. REPORT EVERY INSTANCE TO SCHOOL AUTHORITIES, also record that in your journal. The more they disbelieve you the deeper trouble they will be in. You see journal notes taken down immediately following an event are admissible evidence in courts of law. Your lawyer will have a field day suing the schools, teachers and administrators for megadollars on the weight of the material in your journal.

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