What is a mosque?

The word “mosque” means “place of submission (“Arabic masjid, derivative of sajada to worship, literally, prostrate oneself“, “from sajada to prostrate oneself“).

It is completely unlike a church (“from Gk. kyriake (oikia)”Lord’s (house)”“) or a temple (“from L. templum “piece of ground consecrated for the taking of auspices, building for worship,”“).

A mosque is a socio-political control centre:

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  1. Congratulations with this great and courageous initiative.

    Following on from the video in which you say that criminal law might be applied to stop mosque building,
    I had a question regarding “causing offense”.

    In several European nations (Holland, Denmark, Austria etc) people-having pointed out the miseries that come with Islam- are on trial for having “caused offense” to muslims.

    However, can we as “Infidels” not claim having been offended by a doctrine that states that unbelievers are of lower status than muslims, can be lied to, should be killed etc.

    In this case anyone that teaches the Koran could be prosecuted for having caused offense.

    Are there any lawyers/barristers looking into this?

    best John

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  3. Its hilarious how far from the truth and blinded you all are. I agree the general image of Islam is falling because of the political and extremist on-goings, but maligning it ALL in the name of that is simply absurd. Talk to me when you have studied islam as a spiritually active way of life, and the mosque as a spiritual haven. Do your research before you quote out-of-context excerpts from the Koran and Hadis =]

  4. @ John
    “…unbelievers are of lower status than muslims, can be lied to, should be killed etc.”

    i’d also like to know where you picked this from! let me guess… the media. not one of our classical texts

  5. Finally there is people who stand up for what is justice and not let political correctness. We in the Western World have been dormant and allowing these back-ward thinking violent animals to infiltrate our lives.
    Keep this up and we support you in Canada

  6. Here is a fascinating article which demonstrates how so many mosques throughout the world are often deliberately built next to other political,religious or cultural buildings.In other words these mosques are symbolic statements,rather than something which satisfies “demand” from the local residents:


  7. Wow ur twisting of straight meaning is amazing..where in ur “defination” of a mosque does it say anythinf about politics n socialism! U must be reading imaginary stuff!! Yes it means prostate,thats the position we take while praying!! Dnt christians bow down or go down on their knees while praying?? I guess churches n temples r “socio-political centres” too..lets wipe them out first!!

  8. Why do we allow this horror to persist? Teaching a pack of lies-which is what religions are, belongs to the 18th century. Evolution killed off all the idiot fairy stories, and only the deranged want to persist with their hate filled infantile rubbish.
    The misery and suffering in religious countries is surely evidence that gods do not exist. Would gods allow Sunni and Shia to kill each other? Force 8 million Pakistanis to be heroin addicts? Make Taliban cut off children’s heads? what about cancer,malaria? You think there are any god that designed this?
    Really??? You’d have to be either an imbecile or a very frightened little person in fear of their life to believe this.
    you deserve better.
    People really need to think a little bit beyond what the silly old man in a frock is telling them -it is all utter rubbish, and has no more meaning than Harry Potter. Religions have NO basis in TRUTH or FACT.

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