Why would you oppose planning permission for a mosque in your neighbourhood?

Why would you oppose planning permission for a mosque?

1.         If you oppose Islam on principle

A mosque has never been just a place of prayer and reflection.

It is modelled on the first mosque, Mohammed’s Medina mosque. This was established once Mohammed held political power: he had established no mosque during his first 13 years in Mecca. It was primarily a political office, used for the following activities:

  • Jihad operations planned and directed, and commanders appointed.
  • Despatching and receiving official delegations.
  • Receiving pledges of loyalty.
  • Conducting the affairs of the Islamic state.
  • Appointing judges, tax collectors, state officials, and military commanders by Mohammed, and his successors Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali.
  • Drawing up contracts.
  • Declaring sharia law.
  • Declaring the superiority of Muslims and the inferiority of non-Muslims.
  • Teaching the supremacy of men over women.
  • Pronouncing death sentences on those who had opposed Mohammed or spoken unfavourably about him.

Islamic doctrine requires Muslims to follow the example (Sunnah) of Muhammad (Koran, Sura 33:36).  This explains why arms have been found in mosques in various capital cities, such as London and Munich.

2.         If you don’t care about Islam, but would prefer it to happen somewhere other than your neighbourhood

Islamic populations will be drawn to their social and political institutions, particularly mosques.

According to official UK figures, the Islamic population of Britain is growing at a rate of 6½% per year, or doubling every 11 years. This is due to the higher birth rate and the tendency to import spouses. Neither trend is abating.

this will mean that the practice of islam will be concentrated around your neighbourhood. If you’re happy with that, fine. If not, then you need to oppose mosque planning applications in your neighbourhood.

3.         If you don’t care about Islam 

The congestion and disturbance will be a problem.

The mosque will usually be open at least 16 hours per day, 365 days a year. And the disturbance will be especially bad during 1:00 – 2:00 on a Friday, and during 5:00 – 7:00 on a weekday. Don’t expect to be able to park or walk your dog during those times, or at any time if the mosque gets really popular.

If you like Islam, noise and congestion, then you may be OK.

If you oppose a mosque planning application you will win. You’ve got to do it with confidence; you’ve got to laugh at the nonsense about islamophobia; and you’ve got to keep the pressure up.

But if you do, you can win.


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  1. You need to have a look at this:


    This is the extent Muslim communities are going to solidify their control in our communities, including infiltrating political parties with fraudulent memberships:

    “Khalil Karbani of the Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre stands on the spot in Saddleridge where the group hopes to build a mosque and school on Friday January 7, 2011. He is frustrated at the slow pace of the City of Calgary in issuing a permit for the project.”

  2. I live next to a Islamic education centre, a Mosque by any other name! Ask anyone in the locality where the Mosque is, bingo they all say my locality.
    Ask a muslim where the Mosque is, they always state the official Mosque.

    How do i go about, bringing to light, the the premises are a Mosque, and not a education center?

  3. Adam,

    Find a good lawyer who will help you resist the invader either for a reduced fee or for nothing. Form a group called ‘Stop the Mosque in Wherever’ or some similar title. Write to your local paper. Write to every lawyer whose address you can find in the town, write to your political representative, Councillor, MP whatever. Stay centred, focused and do not get angry when you get ignorant panicked responses from politicians, mediamonkeys etc who are, well, ignorant and panicked.Keep writing, keep complaining. Start a Facebook page,- if you have the skill, start a website. Trawl the web looking for like-minded spirits who might help you actively. Disengage immediately from the many who will pretend concern but will not ACT. Don’t give up, keep at it, your anger, worry and concern will not go away, let it drive your action.

  4. I wonder: will it come to it, that a mosque application will need to come with a statement of the orientation of the mosque, a certification that it is and will remain anti-Sharia, for instance.

  5. This is just another sick WASP on a Movent to no Where.

    As a Muslim, I can see where his understand of Islam (NO Where) is in relationship to my practice of Islam (Real World Time Frame) or the Islamic Practice being conducted in anyone of the ten (10) Mosques ( nine (9)of which have been built in the past ten (10) years here in Las Vegas.

    I want to take a moment on time to address the crazyness of Jeffrey Damler (Christain), or Barney Madoff (A Jew) or for that matter anyone else with a Psychological disorder and the response of the Islamic or Muslim Community. Fix it.

    Now I wish to move on, to Arabs and other’s, born into extremely poor countries or poor means, 14 years of age to age 75, with no hope what so ever and surviving on less than $250.00 annually. Less than $1.oo per day.

    Someone comes along, offers $300.00, $400.00 or more, gives him a gun or an explosive charge, and a target. Please remeber, these are simple folks, trying to survive, the best way they can, but, often placing their own lives in jeprody, by not having the understanding that when you pull the bomb’s igniter….it gets everyone in its path.

    Are these people Muslims? Yes, I would suggest however, by birth, by association, thru living in a Culturally Structured Muslim Society (Cultural Islam). But, at the same time, I must Addamatly so NO. It say’s in the Quran…Ikora (Read)they cannot read, to be a Muslim, according to the written word, you must say the Shahadah, they may or may NOT have any understand of this, and the to be considered a practicing Muslim you pray (5) times a day, and attend congregational (Friday) Prayer (at prox) 1 PM on fridays.

    What does a real Muslim believe in? There are but two (2) only 2, books, without regard to any sect association(s), that are applicable to be a Muslim:

    1 The Holy Quran (Word From and Of Allah – Oneness of God) No others included
    2.Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) a Biography of his life
    (the only Document that supports the suggestion on application of the Quran, when referring to the See the Prophet For A living example)

    All other document are read, rejected or accepted by choice of the individual, but, while they may speak of Allah, suggest of Allah there are all based on the preceptions a men.

    What we as Muslim, and I place myself at the fore, need do, is to
    Live our Lives in accordance with the Quran

    In which is clearly stated that NO Muslim, has the right to kill any other human being, with even restriction on the beast & the birds,

    Save being a part of a formal army, amased for the purpose of War.

    Every Mulim is not running around looking for Someone to kill.
    This is a thought congered up in the weak feeble mind of some WASP
    who does have even the first clue of Islam

  6. Only two things will alter the mind set of the non believers
    or the White Angolo Saxon Protestants, be he rich or poor.

    1. A peaceful mass protest, a march, a set in or some other peaceful action.

    2. A refusal, by the entire Muslim community, to shop, to purchase or use anything sold, leased or rented by Non Muslims.

    The problem with either of these actions, though peace in nature, they are seen by the Police forces (of the Uk & US) as threatening.

    Inturn, the Police either react…or over react, through miss management in lack of under stand how to control a Peaceful Crowd, and change the demenor into a riot where windows are broke, fires are set, and properties are destroyed.

    This, in my humble oppion, could have all been avoid simple by setting up an Hoest discussion of complaints, with the intent of bring them to resolve.
    No, the WASP’s will say
    Yes the place will be destroyed
    and then they will begrugingly will set out to repair some part of it
    but, they will never fix all of the Cultural distrust, damage and or Haterid created on both sides

    All in All, I would have to state, job jolly well done to some
    pure stupidity to others

  7. Sharia Law
    While the rest of you have been a sleep or atleast half a sleep
    The Polititicians and the Banks (In England & in the US) have all sold
    you (and me) out on the subject of Sharia Law.
    Sharia Law is so intrenched into the English & American Legal process that what was done in the past 10 to 15 years, will take 100’s of year to change.
    But, for those of you suggesting that you ever want to crack the nut on and for doing business in the Middle East….Sharia Law is a deal maker and deal breaker.
    I ask you, as Muslim, full knowing my Culture, Do you honestly thing England or the US is going to ever run away for it over Sharia.
    KInowing your cuture, they will kill all of you first, or atleast attempt to.
    Get real.

    Sharia Law is here, and Sharia Law is here to Stay

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